Where to Begin: Registration

To register a new user, click the Register icon on the Selectel home page https://selectel.com.

A window with the registration form will open.

This form can also be accessed by typing https://my.selectel.ru/registration in your browser’s address bar.

Enter your email address in the Email field and click Register.

You will be sent a confirmation email within 5-10 minutes that contains a link to verify your email address.

If you do not receive a confirmation email, please notify tech support at support@selectel.ru.

Follow the link and in the new window, click Verify Address.

You will now have limited access to our control panel.

You can:

  • Learn about our available services
  • Review our pricing system for cloud servers
  • Contact tech support

To gain full access to the system, you will have to complete your registration.

This can be done by clicking the link to activate your account on the main page of the control panel.

You will be sent an email with the subject “Selectel: Account active”. That message will contain your login and password for accessing our control panel.

You can change your password at https://my.selectel.ru/profile/security.

To activate your account, you will have to do the following:

  1. Select your country (the default is Russia).
  2. Choose your account type (there are four kinds of accounts available for Russian residents, and two for non-Russian residents: personal and business).
  3. Check the box indicating that you agree with the terms and conditions of our contract and consent to having your personal data processed.
  4. Click Enter account details (the button will only become active after you check the box stating you agree with our terms and conditions).

Complete the form by filling in each field according to the example or prompt given (each account type has different fields).

Enter your telephone number according to the given format and check the box to confirm that the phone number you have entered is correct.

If you choose the incorrect account type, you can return to the list of account types by clicking Back.

After you have completed the form, the Confirm information button will become active.

An SMS with a confirmation code will be sent to your phone number.

Enter this code in the given field to activate your account.

If you have any issues during the activation process, click the Create ticket link.

In the new window, write a detailed description of the error and click Create ticket.