Balance and Payment Methods

Before using any of our services, you must first top up your balance and pay for the desired service.

There are three different balances:

  • Primary balance
  • VPC balance
  • Cloud Storage balance

By separating these balances, clients can more flexibly and effectively manage their funds. For example, Cloud Storage payments are made per use. If funds were removed from your primary balance during peak loads, your balance would deplete extremely quickly, which would be terribly inconvenient for clients.

Information about your balance is displayed at the top of the control panel at

To top up your Primary account, open the balance menu located at the top right of the page and click Top up balance.

A payment form will open with a list of available payment methods and balances that funds can be added to.

After choosing a payment method and balance, enter the amount to be paid (no less than 100 rubles or the equivalent in your selected currency) and click Continue.

To view more detailed information about payments:

  • click Balance and payments from the dropdown menu in the top right corner of the screen
  • or on the main screen, click Top up balance in the Balance and payments block.

On the Balance and payments page, there are five tabs:

  • Payments
  • Services
  • Top up balance
  • Transfers between balances
  • Billing documents

Possible payment methods are displayed under Top up balance for your specific account type (personal, business, etc.). To make top-ups faster and more convenient, users can link a bank card.

Different payment methods are available for different account types:

  • Online payments
  • Wire transfers
  • Offline payments

If you are paying with a bank card (not available for public institutions), the actual payment will be processed by the global processing company PayU.

VISA, MasterCard, VISA Electron, and Maestro cards are accepted and can be used by clicking Pay.

After making your payment on the PayU site, the funds will reach your account within 10-15 minutes.

Wire transfers can be made by transferring money from one bank account to another or making a bank transfer without an account at that bank.

You can also pay for Selectel’s services at payment kiosks in Russia.

Paying with VKontakte Votes

Users with VKontakte accounts can pay for our services with votes, VKontakte’s internal currency. The current exchange to rubles is 1:5.