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Virtual Private Cloud

The Virtual Private Cloud is a service that lets you create private, isolated networks of virtual servers in the Selectel cloud.

The VPC SLA guarantees 99.98% uptime and can be found here.


The VPC's highly customizable infrastructure makes it an applicable solution for a wide range of tasks: from simple websites to complex scalable systems.

Data and application integrity is preserved by hosting internal systems in private local networks. With the option of using resources in different regions and zones, you can back up mission-critical systems as well as quickly add computing power to handle growing workloads.

Possible VPC applications:

  • Simple websites or blogs. The high level of reliability offered by the VPC in conjunction with the ability to create configurations for specific tasks lets you create high-quality services without major expenses or time investments.
  • Complex web applications. Cloud systems are structured to let you separate public web services from applications running business logic in a closed local subnet. Additionally, the ability to quickly and easily import and scale resources lets you create effective services and manage varying workloads without having to paying for unused computing power.
  • Migrating or expanding existing systems into a private cloud. If a system suddenly requires additional resources or a backup mechanism, the VPC lets you establish a secure connection with existing infrastructures and quickly get to work running assigned tasks.
  • Corporate IT systems. The flexibility and reliability of the VPC lets you implement a wide range of different tasks on a modern platform. This means you can concentrate on mission-critical data and applications without worrying about your system's hardware. In one cloud, multiple unique server configurations can be created for every specific task.

Security Policy

The Virtual Private Cloud lets you raise the security of your IT systems. Establish a local network between virtual and physical servers for sensitive data requiring a high level of availability. Systems can connect to the Internet using NAT on virtual servers in the cloud that are outside the secure area of the private local network.

To manage developer and system engineer access, users can be added and created for various projects. From the VPC control panel, you can assign users to new projects, add SSH keys, and control cloud access.