Adding Funds

On the balance page, you will find detailed balance information and be able to transfer funds to your VPC balance.

Your available balance is displayed in the top table.

In the table to the bottom left, you can move funds from any available balance to your VPC balance.

Choose the source from the top menu (1), enter the amount to transfer in the “Amount” field (2), and click Transfer (3).


If the amount entered is higher than the available funds in your source balance, the Transfer button will not be active and the Amount field will be highlighted red.

Notification Settings

You can set up low-balance alerts in the lower right-hand table.

If your balance falls below the entered amount, you will receive low-balance alerts (automatic payment is not currently available). Please note that to set the sum to an exact kopeck (or cent), units must be separated with a period and not a comma.

You can also set the alert frequency.

Activating Promo Codes

The Activate promo code button is located in the top right corner of the of the screen.

After clicking the button, a popup window will open. Enter your promo code and click Activate.

If you enter an invalid promo code, the system will return an error.

Check your code and enter it again. If you experience any difficulties, please contact tech support. If you successfully enter a promo code, you will see a message in the top right corner of your screen (the amount depends on the promo code you enter and thus may not be the same as in the screenshot).

This amount will be added to your bonus balance.

Adding Funds

To add funds to your balance, click Top up balance from the dropdown menu in the upper part of the screen.

In the new window, choose your payment method (1), the balance you would like to top up (2), enter the amount to be paid (3), and click Continue (4).