Creating Additional Volumes

Creating Volumes

To create an additional disk (volume) and attach it to a server, open a project and click the Volumes tab.

Click Create volume.

In the new window, set the following parameters:

  1. Location
  2. Name
  3. Source
  4. Volume type
  5. Size

Click Create (6).

The new disk will appear at the top of the list.

Managing Disks

To manage your disk, expand the volume block.

You can change the size of the volume under the Size tab provided you have resources available.

The dropdown menu offers the same disk actions: rename volume, detach/attach volume, extend volume size, make snapshot, transfer to other project, and delete.

Under the Control tab, you can choose what machine (1) or project (2) you’d like to attach the volume to.

You can also delete volumes.

Transferring Volumes between Projects

Volumes can be transferred between different projects.

Let's say we have to accept a volume from another project. Choose the appropriate option from the dropdown menu.

In the open window, select the number of volume and enter the Volume ID and Key. Then click Transfer.

You can retrieve the volume ID and key from the Control tab in the volume block by clicking Transfer volume to another project.

Scheduling Snapshots

Under the Snapshots tab, you will be find a list of server snapshots and the Create snapshot button.

To schedule a snapshot, click Add schedule (1).

In the new block, enter how frequent snapshots should be created (2) and the maximum number of copies (3). Confirm the task by clicking the check box (4).

After clicking Create snapshot (5), a snapshot will instantly be generated and appear in the Snapshots archive (6).

You’ll find two icons to the right of each snapshot: Create disk from this snapshot (7) and Delete (8).

Connecting Volumes from the Server Block

Additional volumes can be added from the server block:

  1. Open the Volumes tab.
  2. Choose the volume from the dropdown men in the bottom left corner.
  3. Click Attach volume.

The disk will appear in the volume list.

To detach a volume, click Detach to the right of the volume name.

Snapshots can be created by clicking the camera icon.