Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers can be managed and ordered in the control panel from the Servers section.

Under the Servers tab, you will find a list of your servers and key information. Servers can be sorted by location or status (paid/unpaid).

Clicking on any available (paid) server will open the server control panel and interface for ordering additional services.

The server control panel includes the following tabs: Information, Services, Power & Boot, Reinstall, and Network stats.

Under the Information tab you’ll find the following: server name, status (available/unavailable), location, paid period, and IP address.

If necessary, the IP address can be changed here: from the dropdown IPv4 and IPv6 menus, you can choose any available address from your subnet.

To order a server, select Order server from the menu.

To order a server with a standard configuration, choose Dedicated server from the top menu, select a location, then click the server you wish to order. Configurations can be sorted by location, lines, CPU, and volume types.

During the next step, you can choose which additional services to order, and then finalize your order by proceeding to checkout.

To order a custom server, choose Custom configuration from the top menu.