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Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers give users access to the full resources of a bare-metal server. Clients select the resources they require and have full access to install whatever software they need.

Locations and Data Centers

Servers can be leased in any of Selectel's data centers.

LocationData Center
SPB-1Tsvetochnaya 1
SPB-2Tsvetochnaya 2
SPB-3Dubrovka 3
SPB-4Dubrovka 1
SPB-5Dubrovka 2
MSK-2Berzarina 2

Technical Implementation

Servers are deployed by our professional staff and built on SuperMicro motherboards, Intel processors (all ines), DDR4 ECC RAM. The latest generation of Intel Optane disks are also avialable.

Network equipment is provided by Juniper and Brocade, and redundancy can by provided over 2x1 GE isolated local network between data centers (MC LAG).

Available additional services include:

  • Monitoring
  • Hardware firewalls
  • DNS hosting
  • Anti DDoS
  • Integration with KVM (VPC) and VMware cloud infrastructure
  • Software leasing from Microsoft, Plesk, ISPsystem, and CloudLinux
  • Installation of freeware 

Please note that servers are connected to the Internet using a standalone copper cross-connect to an access switch. Physical connection speeds are 1 Gbps. Fiber-optic connections can be established where technically possible. 


Server configurations are categorized into product lines:

  • Entry Line(EL) — basic configurations for smaller projects, startups, and smal businesses
  • Business Line (BL) — higher-performance configurations for medium projects, SMB, and second-level business projects
  • Performance Line (PL) — the highest-performance configurations for creating virtualization clusters, complex systems, and infrastructure projects
  • Discount Line (DL) — older configurations from previous lines; new servers from this line are no longer purhcased and availability is based on inventory
  • Graphic Line (GL) — configurations fitted with graphic accelerators (GPU); designed for machine learning, video rendering, and design systems
  • Storage Line (SL) — configurations for hosting hot and cold data storage systems
  • Chipcore — low-cost configurations with different billing options; no LAN or remote console

Server life-cycle status:

  • Active — modern configurations; new servers are purchased and available for order
  • EOL — configuration is in transition; new servers are no longer purchased, but can be ordered in main lines
  • Discount — older configurations; servers are no longer purchased, can be ordered from the discount line (previously found under server sale)
  • Archive — inactive configuration; servers are no longer purchased and are unavailable for order. Servers that become available are stripped and modified