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Mounting ISO Images

In the KVM console, you can install operating systems from your own or other ISO image files. 

ISO images can be accessed from the KVM console. Open the Virtual Media menu and click Virtual Storage.


In the new window under Logical Drive Type, select ISO File and Open Image.

The user will have access to two folders: iso and private. Please note that the private folder will only appear after you've uploaded an image.

In the iso directory, you will find images that are available to all users.

In the private directory, you will find ISO images that are only available to one specific user and no one else. Users can contact tech support and request an image be uploaded to this directory, like a freebsd ISO, which can be used to mount and load the OS.

Select your file from the directory and click Open.

After choosing your image, click Plug in and then OK.

The selected image will be loaded.

ISO mounting is not available for Chipcore configurations.