Colocation is a service whereby we install and host clients’ telecommunications equipment in our data centers.

Click Colocation in the control panel menu.

In the new window, you will find a new menu with two items:

  • Servers displays current information on servers and lets you order a new server by clicking New server
  • Order colocation contains information on colocation space and other parameters for ordering our colocation service

You can choose a colocation space by selecting one of the tabs at the top of the Order colocation menu. These tabs represent our different data centers.

Fill out the form with a description of your server and click Select.

Lower on the page you will see the total cost based on the colocation period, as well as what is included in the colocation fee.

Below is a detailed description of our Colocation service and its implementation.

Stage 1: Ship Your Server to the Data Center

When ordering colocation, the following steps need to be taken:

  1. Prepare your server by ensuring it’s in working order and meets our requirements (documents).
  2. Configure the IP address, gateway, DNS, and subnet mask on your server as instructed by Selectel staff.
  3. Package your server with all server mounting rails for 19” racks, power cords and brackets.
  4. Ship or bring your server to one of our data centers: Berzarina in Moscow, Tsvetochnaya 2 in St. Petersburg, or Dubrovka 3 in Nevskaya Dubrovka, a suburb of St. Petersburg.
  5. Consign your server to one of Selectel’s specialists and fill out a Delivery and Acceptance Form in duplicate.
  6. When shipping equipment to a data center, you must have ready:
    1. for business account: the company seal or power of attorney to sign the Delivery Acceptance Form (PDF) and passport
    2. for personal accounts: if the client is delivering the equipment themself, their passport; if an authorized third party is delivering the equipment, power of attorney (PDF), copy of the client’s passport, and a copy of the third party’s passport.
  7. The service contract is prepared by us and if colocation has been ordered for Tsvetochnaya, it will have to be signed at the time of delivery; if colocation has been ordered for Berzarina, the contract will be sent by Russian post to the mailing address indicated in the user’s account information.
  8. Our staff will set up your server and notify you via ticket system when it is ready.
  9. The service is considered rendered as soon as the server has been mounted in the server rack and connected to the network.

Clients do not need to be present at the time of delivery. Once your equipment has been received, we will ship you all of the required documentation by registered mail.

This process was implemented to facilitate colocation for clients in different cities and countries.

Please note: All delivery fees are paid by the client.

Stage 2: Installation

All of our clients’ equipment is hosted in our TIER III data centers in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Nevskaya Dubrovka. Detailed information about the technical aspects of our data centers can be found on our site.

Our engineers perform all mounting and wiring for equipment in colocation.

For security purposes, only our engineers have access to server racks; colocation racks are strictly off limits to clients.

Additional services are available for clients with energy-intensive equipment, such as added power to outlets and additional power strips for connecting backup power supplies.

Stage 3: Internet Connectivity and Telecom Providers

We set up the network infrastructure ourselves; you just need to order the appropriate services from the control panel.

Server Colocation includes an unlimited 100 Mbps guaranteed Internet connection, which isn’t subject to any limits or ratios whatsoever. Upon request, connection speeds can be increased up to 10 Gbps (provided an appropriate network card is present). We also offer cost-effective packages for clients dealing with heavy traffic.

All colocation users receive 5 IPv4 addresses (1 address per server). Additional IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are also available.

If you have your own autonomous system with a dedicated block of IP addresses, we can announce them from our equipment. You can also set up BGP sessions and announce your own prefixes.

If you need to connect equipment hosted in our data centers to external resources (such as corporate networks or traffic exchange points), you can order cross-connects to telecommunication providers in our data center.

Servers rented from or hosted with us can also be connected via a local network. This includes servers in different data centers or even different cities.

Clients requiring heightened information security can rent hardware firewalls. We also offer DDoS mitigation.

Stage 4: Server Management

Servers can be managed remotely. By submitting a request via ticket system, we can provide you with a free temporary KVM over IP connection (a permanent connection is available for an additional fee). If the server supports IPMI, iLO, or similar services from other manufacturers, you can rent an additional dedicated port to receive external access to your server.

Stage 5: Technical Support and Maintenance

All additional maintenance and service can be performed by our staff. If you need to reboot your server, just send a request via ticket system. Work not covered by the contract (additional setup, software installation, troubleshooting, etc.) can be performed through our paid administration service.

For an additional fee, we can store spare parts for your equipment in our data centers. In the event of a malfunction or breakdown, we are ready to repair and replace parts ourselves (based on individual agreements).