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Monitoring is a service that lets your check online service availability from different geographic points and sends alerts if certain conditions are (or aren’t) met.

Available Metrics

PING Checks for a server connection, helps measure lag and availability
TCP Checks TCP port status
UDP Checks UDP port status
SSH Checks for unauthorized connections and SSH banners




Checks mail service availability on a specific protocol

DNS Checks for proper domain name to IP conversion at a specific resolver
HTTP GETChecks the response’s contents and code, also searches substrings in returned data

A light GET request, searches for a document on a server using a response code without having to download the document body

HTTP basic authorizationChecks the basic access authorization mechanism
HTTP digestChecks the digest access authorization mechanism
FTP Checks FTP server availability
PostgreSQLChecks PostgreSQL database availability
MySQL Checks SQL database server availability
Redis Checks Redis database availability
SSL Checks domain name SSL certificate lifetimes