Window PE is a minimal Windows OS with limited services that launches from the server's memory. It is primarily used for troubleshooting, restoring, and deploying Windows. The operating system lets you:

  • Create partitions and format disks
  • Edit the system registry
  • Launch utilities for troubleshooting and restoring Windows

Our Windows PE build includes the following utilities:

  • BlueScreenView — tool for identifying the cause of a "blue screen of death"
  • Regedit — registry editor
  • 7-zip — file archiver
  • CPU-Z — tool for gathering information on main system devices (processor, RAM, cache, motherboard)
  • FAR Manager — console-based file manager
  • CrystalDiskInfo — tool for analyzing hard disks
  • IOMeter — tool for measuring the performance of I/O operations
  • SMCIPMITool — tool for troubleshooting and configuring IPMI on SuperMicro servers
  • Putty — popular SSH client for Windows
  • Wireshark — network traffic analyzer
  • WinMTR — program for troubleshooting network connections
  • arcconf — program for managing Adaptec controllers

How to Launch Windows PE

You can download and launch Windows PE from the server control panel:

1) Open the Power & Boot tab.

2) From the template list, choose Boot to WinPE.

3) Click Reboot.

4) Click the console icon in the control panel.

The server console will open in the next browser window.

5) Open the terminal (the first icon to the left).

For the Windows PE console to properly work, you will have to configure the network.

1) Initialize the network setup:


2) Run the following command, filling in your server's parameters:

interface ip set address name=”Ethernet” static [server IP address] [subnet mask] [node]

3) Configure the DNS:

interface ip set dns "Ethernet” static

More detailed information can be found in the Windows PE official documentation.