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Cloud powered by VМware

The Cloud powered by VMware is a cloud infrastructure (IaaS) built on the VMware vSphere® and VMware vCloud Director® platforms.

The service is designed for retrieving computing resources remotely from the VMware Cloud infrastructure.

3 pools are available for each project:

  • Disaster recovery pool at the storage level (VMware Stretched vSAN)
  • High-speed disk pool (NVMe AllFlash)
  • Hybrid disk pool (NVMe SSD and Enterprise HDD)

All 3 pools are located in St. Petersburg in our Dubrovka 3 and Tsvetochnaya 2 data centers.

The cloud is built on the latest VMware technology:

  • vSphere virtualization
  • vSAN data storage
  • VMware NSX® network services

All hosts are built on Intel platforms.

The network infrastructure is built on hardware by Juniper and Brocade.



vCloud Director

Customer interface for managing IaaS virtual infrastructures
OrganizationA logical administration unit in vCD. Can be considered the client's domain. Organizations are created for each client in the VMware infrastructure. Clients manage users in their organization on their own. The organization may include multiple virtual datacenters and users
Virtual Data Center
The combination of cloud-based virtual computing resources (processors, RAM, disk space, networks). A scalable environment where virtual machines, vApp, networks, etc. are created
vAppA container where virtual machines are hosted. With containers, groups of virtual machines can be managed as a single unit. VApps can be used for creating templates
Virtual Machine

Catalog templates can be used to create vApps with a virtual machine.

Virtual machines can be prepared from ready-made or custom images (ISO)

CatalogsRepositories for storing vApps, vApp templates and media files
Org VDC NetworkA virtual datacenter network available by default to all vApps. Can be isolated (no Internet access) or routed (Internet access)
vApp NetworkAn isolated network inside a vApp. Available only to virtual machines hosted in a given vApp