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Cloud powered by VMware Billing and Payment

Adding Funds

Before creating a virtual data center (vDC), you must top up your Cloud powered by VMware Balance.

Payment Model

Under the pay-as-you-go model, prices are calculated as follows:

  1. The total number of each virtual machine component (vCPU, RAM, disk size) is added up. For disabled VMs, only disk space is counted.
  2. Once an hour, the total maximum value for each resource is multiplied by the resource's hourly price.
  3. The resulting value is deducted from the Cloud powered by VMware balance.

Resource costs can be found on our site.

For a monthly estimate, try our price calculator.

To avoid unexpected service suspensions, set up low-balance alerts.

Additional Services

The following additional services are available:

  • Direct connected /28 subnet
  • Direct connected /29 subnet
  • Routable IP address
  • Edge Gateway Compact
  • Edge Gateway Large
  • Edge Gateway Quad Large
  • Edge Gateway X-Large
  • Windows Server (1 core)

Microsoft Licenses

Hourly charges are made based on the number of cores and only apply to enabled Windows-based virtual machines.

Please note that if a machine is turned on for only 10 minutes in 1 hour, you will be charged for a full hour.

Internet Channel

Users are provided 3 TB of monthly Internet traffic for free. Additional traffic is paid based on the volume consumed.

Network Resources

IP addresses may be assigned individually or as a subnet. When creating a vDC, an Edge Gateway Compact is automatically created and assigned 1 IP address.

LAN to Physical Infrastructure

The service lets you connect vDC networks to a local network with dedicated servers, equipment in colocation, and the VPC.

vAPP Template Billing

When a client creates a vApp template, they are charged for the total VM disk space of the template. 

Billing Documents

Learn how to receive receipts and work summaries.