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VMware Billing and Payment

Adding Funds

To add funds, open Balance and payments from the account menu.

You may also click your remaining funds at the top of the screen and select Top up balance from the drop down menu.

In the new window under the Top up balance tab, select a payment source under Payment method, set the balance to VMware Cloud Balance, enter the amount you would like to transfer, and click Continue.

The following payment methods are currently supported:

  • bank card
  • Yandex.Money
  • PayPal
  • QIWI wallet
  • bank transfer
  • bank invoice

Some payments take longer to process than others. Funds should appear in your balance after the period given by the processor.

Funds may also be added to your Main Balance and then transferred to the VMware Cloud Balance. If you currently have money on your Main Balance, those funds may already be transferred to your VMware Cloud balance.

Please note: The VMware Cloud Balance is distinct from the Main Balance to give the user financial control.

Payment Model

Under the Pay-as-you-Go model, prices are calculated as follows:

  1. All virtual machine configuration parameters (vCPU, RAM, disk size) are added up.
    For disabled virtual machines, only disk space is considered.
  2. Once an hour, the total resource maximum value is taken and multiple by the resource price per hour.
  3. The resulting value is deducted from the VMware balance.

Available virtual data center types:

  • 1 DC — standard virtual data center
  • 2 DC DR — disaster recovery virtual data center
  • 1 DC + FT — standard virtual data center, VMs with VMware Fault Tolerance enabled

Hourly costs:

PRICE in rub/hr, inc. VAT1 DC2 DC (DR)1 DC + FT
vCPU (2.3 GHz)0.6831.3661.366
RAM, GB0.3680.7360.736
Fast Disk, GB0.03420.06840.0342
Basic Disk, GB0.0123--

Approximate monthly costs

PRICE in rub/mo*, inc. VAT1 DC2 DC (DR)1 DC + FT
vCPU (2.3 GHz)499998998
RAM, GB269538538
Fast Disk, GB255025
Basic Disk, GB9--

Internet Channel

Users are provided 3 TB of monthly Internet traffic for free. Additional traffic is paid for at the rate of 0.51 rub. per 1 GB.