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Billing and Payment

Cloud Storage is a pay-as-you-go hourly service. Operating expenses reflect only the resources used each hour.

Resource prices can be found on our site.

When calculating service costs, four key factors are considered:

  • Storage volume
  • Outgoing traffic
  • CDN traffic
  • API requests

Traffic and API request prices are subject to discounts based on the total quantity used during the month. Discounts for data storage are immediately applied to hourly costs once the amount of data in storage reaches a defined threshold.

Usage and Cost

In the Cloud Storage section of the control panel, information can be found on resources consumed and subsequent service costs for every element of storage for a defined period under the Usage tab.

Cost is calculated hourly based on storage space used and traffic sent both with and without the CDN.

For an estimate, please visit our price calculator.

Adding Funds

To add funds, open Balance and payments.

You may also click your remaining funds at the top of the screen and then select Top up balance from the drop down menu.

In the new window, select a payment source under Payment method, set the balance to Storage Balance, enter the amount you would like to transfer, and click Continue.

The following payment methods are currently supported:

  • Bank card
  • Yandex.Money
  • PayPal
  • QIWI wallet
  • Bank transfer
  • Bank invoice

Some payments take longer to process than others. Funds should appear in your balance after the period given by the processor.

Funds may also be added to your Main Balance and then transferred to the Storage Balance. If you currently have money on your Main Balance, those funds may already be transferred to your Cloud Storage balance.

Please note: The Storage Balance is distinct from the Main Balance to give the user financial control.

Balance Notifications

Alerts can be configured so that the user receives an e-mail whenever their Cloud Storage balance falls below a certain amount.

To enable automatic alerts, open the Notifications tab under Balance and payments. In the Cloud Storage field, set the toggle to Enable and enter a balance limit and alert frequency.

Billing Documents

Under Balance and payments, you will find accounting and tax documents for your Selectel services. Two documents are available:

  • Work summaries
  • VAT receipts

Documents are automatically generated within the first five days of the following month.

To request a report for multiple months, enter the desired period in the Request documents block and click Request documents.

Billing Blocked Accounts

If an account is blocked due to an outstanding bill:

  • Read and write access to data will be blocked
  • You will continue to be charged for data storage

If you use a CDN, access to data will be saved for the cache lifetime. You will continue to be billed for CDN traffic and requests. If for 14 (fourteen) calendar days, your balance remains negative or equal to zero, then all data will be deleted with no chance of recovery.