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VPC Billing and Payment

The pay-as-you-go payment model lets you pay only for allocated resources for a defined period of time. There are no additional charges for using the VPC.

Information on the total resources allocated for your projects and monthly expenses are listed under Resources and expenses in the control panel. Charges are made to the VPC Balance hourly.

Cloud service costs can be calculated with the VPC resource calculator.

The VPC payment algorithm:

  1. Resource allocation. After creating a new VPC project, resources can be reserved for selected regions.
  2. Resources allocated for specific tasks. Creating virtual servers and networks. Server settings are limited to the resources allocated to the project.
  3. Allocated resource cost calculation. Under project information, you can view statistics on resources used in a project as well as expense estimates for a given period.
  4. Resource optimization (optional). After setting up servers and networks in your account, you can automatically optimize resources.

In the event of an outstanding VPC balance, projects will be blocked and all virtual machines suspended. In this case you will be unable to access or modify the cloud (apart from deleting projects) until your outstanding balance is cleared. While projects are blocked, disks and network resources will continue to be charged. To restore the service, you must add enough funds to your balance to clear the outstanding amount as well as cover the following billing period.

Billing Documents

Under Balance and payments, you will find accounting and tax documents for your Selectel services. Two documents are available:

  • work summaries
  • VAT receipts

Documents are automatically generated within the first five days following the end of the billing month.

To request a report for multiple months, enter the desired period in the Request documents block and click Request documents.

Adding Funds and Notification Settings

In the control panel, choose the Virtual Private Cloud section.

On the Projects page, you will find detailed billing information and a monthly estimate.

By clicking the balance at the top of the screen, you will see a drop down menu with different options.

Funds can be transferred between accounts (Primary, VPC, and Bonus) by clicking the Transfer Money Between Balances link.

Alternatively, funds can be transferred by opening Balance and payments in the control panel and opening the Transfers tab.

Notification Settings

You can set up low-balance alerts in the Balance and payments section of the control panel.

Click the Notifications tab and find the Virtual Private Cloud Block.

To enable notifications, toggle the notifications button to on.

If your balance falls below the set amount, you will begin to receive low-balance alerts (your account will not automatically be topped up).

Notification frequency can also be set: from 1 to 24 hours.

Activating Promo codes

The Activate promo code link can be found by clicking your balance at the top of the page.

To activate a promo code, enter it in the Promo code field in the new window and click the Activate button.

If an error occurs while activating a promo code, ensure the code is entered properly and try again. In the event of technical difficulties, please submit a ticket to tech support.

If the promo code was entered correctly, the corresponding amount will be added to your bonus balance.

Adding Funds

To add funds to your balance, click the balance at the top of the screen and select Top up balance from the drop down menu.

In the new menu, choose your payment method and balance, enter the amount you wish to transfer, and click Continue.

Available payment methods:

  • bank card
  • Yandex.Money
  • PayPal
  • QIWI wallet
  • bank transfer
  • bank invoice

Some payments take longer to process than others. Funds should appear in your balance after the period given by the processor.