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Managing Snapshots (Creating Backups)

Snapshots are not the most viable solution for backing up applications because data is saved on the same equipment as the volume.

For complete volume backups, we recommend creating volumes in different regions or zones and copying data between them.

Scheduling Snapshots

To manage snapshots, open the Volumes section and expand the block of the volume you wish to back up. Under the Snapshots tab, you will be able to manage a schedule for creating snapshots and view a list of existing server snapshots.

To schedule automatic snapshots:

  1. Click Add schedule.
  2. In the new block, enter how frequently snapshots should be created and the maximum number of copies to be saved. 
  3. Save the schedule by click the save button.

Snapshots can also be created manually:

  • Under the Volumes tab, select the desired volume from the drop down menu and click Create snapshot.
  • In the virtual machine block, open the Volumes tab and click the camera icon.

Cloning Servers

To quickly clone a server:

  1. Create a new snapshot of a server (or you can choose an existing copy).
  2. When creating a server, under Source, open the Snapshots tab.
  3. Choose the desired snapshot and create your server.

Deleting Snapshots

Snapshots can be deleted in the Snapshots tab of the expanded volume block under Snapshots archive. To delete the disk snapshot, click the bin icon.

When deleting a virtual server, select the Delete volumes of this server option. This will delete all volumes attached to the server and their snapshots.

When deleting a volume, all snapshots associated with the volume can be deleted by checking the Delete snapshots of this volume option.

Please note: Volumes cannot be deleted without also deleting their snapshots.