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Configuring External Panels

An external link for accessing the VPC control panel (in the format can be created for any project, and that login page customized:


This feature may be handy for resellers who want to apply their own corporate style and logo to projects.

All projects have a default external link for accessing the control panel in the format, like This can be found in the VPC control panel on the Projects page next the each project's UUID.

  1. On your domain registrar's site, open the domain settings for the subdomain you want to connect to the control panel. 
  2. Create a new CNAME entry for third level domain names in the following format: CNAME

    Where is the domain name, and is the link to the project control panel.
    Please note: Only third level domain names can be used for external links, so please do not forget to add a VPC identifier or other name.

  3. Enter the NS server for entries. It may take 48 hours to update the DNS.

  4. In the project card, open the drop down menu and choose Project settings.
  5. Write the reigstrar's entry in the CNAME field in the format

Applying Styles to Projects

In the Project settings window, which is available from the drop down menu, you can upload an image (logo) and set the header for the control panel.