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Dedicated Server Billing and Payment

Adding Funds

Dedicated Servers are billed on a prepayment system. Payments can be made for 1 to 24 months.

Please note that setup fees do not apply when paying for six months and up. A one-time 6,000 ruble standard setup fee is charged for all custom servers and certain fixed configurations when a server is ordered (show in the server configuration block under setup fee). Discounts apply to all orders paid for 3 months and up.

To activate services, you must first top up your Main Balance.

Our engineers will prepare and mount your server. As soon as the server is made available to the client, the status will change to Active and the payment period will begin.

Service Renewal

You can read about service renewals in Service Payment.

If a client fails to pay for a server, the server's status will change to Not paid. Automatic payments will not occur under this status. When funds are received on the account balance, service payment will have to be made manually.

Please note: Seven days after the paid period ends, all data contained in the server will be erased and the server will be made available to other clients.

When ordering a Chipcore server, money is automatically debited from your Main Balance according to the chosen billing option. Please ensure you have sufficient funds on your balance to continue using your server.

Chipcore servers are automatically renewed. Depending on the billing option, the payment amount and date will be displayed in the Next Payment line (this is the amount to be paid to ensure your server is automatically renewed).

Where your Main Balance is insufficient, servers are goverened according to the billing option:

  • For daily billing: if no money is available on the Main Balance, then after an unsuccessful charge, the server will be blocked and become unavailable to external connections. Notification will be sent to the client and in 10 days, the blocked server will be deleted.
  • For monthly billing: the server status will be set to Not paid for 4 days, and will then be blocked.

Note: If a server is not paid for, the system will continuously try to charge your balance. Once money is added, funds will be automatically withdrawn and the server will become available within a few minutes.

To change your billing option, click Change billing option. The payment amount will be recalculated when a new plan is chosen. For example, when switching from daily billing on the 8th of August to monthly billing, payment for daily billing will be withdrawn on the 8th, initial payment will be made for August 9th to 31st, and the full monthly amount will be paid on September 1st. 

Service Cancellation

Services can be cancelled by disabling monthly payments (if less than a month remains until the end of the paid period).

If you wish to cancel the service immediately and request a refund for fully unused months, please submit your request in a ticket to technical support.

To cancel a Chipcore server, click Delete server from the server management menu. The server will continue to work until the end of the paid period and then be disabled. In this case, the amount of the next payment will be ₽ 0.

If you change your mind and wish to continue using your Chipcore server, you can click Do not delete server. The system will recalculate the amount for the next payment and at the end of the paid period, the server will be renewed according to the appropriate billing option.

Billing Documents

More information about billing documents and invoices can be found in our knowledge base.