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Basic DDoS Mitigation


Basic DDoS Mitigation is offered as an additional service for the following Selectel services:

The service is provided in partnership with DDoSGuard

For VPC clients, the service is rendered only for virtual servers with real public addresses (i.e. the service does not apply to floating IPs).

The DDoS mitigation system works as follows:

  1. An IP address or block of IP addresses are allocated to the client.
  2. A particular amount of bandwidth is provided according to the selected option.
  3. Selected announces its AS on its partner's filters.
  4. The partner receives and filters all traffic.
  5. Only legitimate traffic is forwarded to the client.
  6. Each client is given access to our DDoS portal to view statistics.

Please note that new clinets will no longer be able to order Anti DDoS services with Service Pipe as of 15.06.2018. For clients already using Anti DDoS (Service Pipe), the service shall continue to be provided with full functionality.


One secure IP address is included in the basic fee. Additional IP addresses can be ordered in the control panel.

Bandwidth is allocated to that IP address and the speed applies only to clean Internet traffic forwarded to the client.

All incoming packets are subject to filtering. Each protocol has its own cascade of filters, where subsequent filters are enabled when thresholds from previous filters are exceeded. 

Packets are checked in stages:

  • At the L3-4 OSI levels and then the HTTP/HTTPS request itself for RFC compliance, if there are headers, the header contents, etc.
  • Based on information collected for the protected domain: a behavioral model is created, which activity is compared against
  • Additional checks: IP reputation, stream status, etc.

Internet traffic to the secure IP address passes through our partner's network, where traffic is analyzed and cleaned via the DDoSGuard infrastructure with globally located filtration nodes: the Netherlands, Germany, Russia, Kazakhstan, China, and the USA. Node proximity to the traffic source reduces latency for the end-user. Illegitimate traffic is dumped on our partner's network, and only clean traffic reaches the client at the given IP address.


ServiceSecure bandwidth/number of sitesCost in rubles (inc. VAT)
Basic DDoS Mitigation: 10 Mbps102500
Basic DDoS Mitigation: 20 Mbps204500
Basic DDoS Mitigation: 50 Mbps509500
Basic DDoS Mitigation: 100 Mbps10017500
Additional IP Address
Basic Application Mitigationper site (+ DDoS)1500

Enabling the Service

To order:

  1. Open the Network Services subsection of the control panel.
  2. Select the desired service and click Pay.
  3. Enter the payment period and click Pay for service.

Login information for viewing service statistics will be sent to your e-mail address.

Please note that access information is generated on business days within an hour of receiving the request.

Disabling the Service

To disable the service, disable automatic renewal by clicking Disable monthly payments in the drop down menu.

Please note that when canceling a service which has been paid for in advance, money shall only be refunded for fully unused months. To be issued a refund, please submit the appropriate request.