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Local Networks

Local Area Networks (LAN or simply local networks) are used for interconnecting multiple computers in a restricted location, such as a building or office. Regarding data centers, local area networks can be organized for single and multiple locations as an additional service.

Within a local network, local IP addresses pursuant to RFC1918 and RFC1597 must be used:


Connecting Servers

Servers connect to local networks at the physical level using cross-connects. The actual connection occurs on the server's physical port. By default, all dedicated servers are assembled with two network cards with RJ-45 ports; one port is used for Internet connections, the other for LAN.

At the logical level, local networks are standalone dedicated VLANs (Virtual LAN). With a VLAN, all servers interact with one another as if they were physically connected to the same switch.

St. Petersburg-Moscow Networks

LAN connections can be made between Moscow and St. Petersburg for the following services:

Connections are provided within the framework of the following services:

  • Local network between regions (SPB-MSK): 100 Mbps
  • Local network between regions (SPB-MSK): 1 Gbps

Once the service has been enabled, network admins will configure the local network so that servers in different regions communicate with one another as if they were in one broadcast domain. The connection is set up as a separate channel between our network infrastructures, with no public Internet connection.

Read about MC-LAG redundancy in our knowledge base.

Connectivity between Locations

For connections between locations in one region, network hardware is configured so that a VLAN is available on all switches in the region. Connections are made with our privately owned fiber-optic lines, which are isolated from the public Internet.

Billing and Speed

Local network traffic is not metered. Data transfer speeds depend on the service ordered. One of the following services must be ordered for every server to be connected:

  • Local port: 1 Gbps
  • Local port: 10 Gbps

VLAN to Outside Operator (Direct Connect)

Selectel data centers are home to many telecom carriers and if necessary, direct connections can be provided to such carriers as a VLAN. This service is available to clients using the following services:

  • Dedicate Servers
  • Server Colocation
  • Server Rack Rentals

The service requires the following:

  • mutual desire from both parties (client and carrier)
  • technical ability to make the connection

Once an order has been placed, a ticket will be sent to the carrier and client specifying the details of the future connection. As soon as the relevant cross-connect is ready, the carrier-side connection will become available to the client.