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Clearing the Cache

Cache Lifetime

Files are updated according to the cache settings. By default, a cache's lifetime is 24 hours. This means that every 24 hours, the CDN communicates with the origin and checks to see if any cached files have been updated or changed. If they have, then the CDN downloads the latest version from the primary server.

Files that are not requested for an extended period of time are automatically deleted from the caching server. If a new request comes in, then the file is once again downloaded from the primary server.

The cache lifetime can be changed under the Cache tab.

Purging the Cache

You can force an update of all files in the CDN by purging the cache. This may be necessary if content is updated on the origin or if the CDN incorrectly displays data.

To fully purge the cache:

1. Open the CDN resource
2. Open the Cache tab
3. Expand the Purge cache block
4. Click Purge cache
5. Confirm the operation

The amount of time it takes to purge the cache depends on the number of objects it has stored.