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Cloud Storage Limitations

General Restrictions

CategoryMax value
Max container name length128 UTF-8 symbols
Recommended maximum object size100 GB
Max size of all headers/metadata to accounts/containers/objects in the request body8 KB
Max size of all headers/X-[Account/Container/Object]-Meta-$Name metadata4 KB
Max number of heads to accounts/containers/objects90
Max header size64 UTF-8 symbols
Max client header length256 UTF-8 symbols
Max object name length512 UTF-8 symbols

*For files over 100 MB, we recommend using segmented uploads.

API Request Limits

CategoryMax requests per minuteServer response
All requests1000

Too many authorized requests

PUT/POST requests (except for X-Copy-From requests)300Too many PUT requests
COPY and PUT (with X-Copy-From)200Too many COPY requests
DELETE requests300Too many DELETE requests
GET requests300Too many GET requests

Servers will respond to all requests sent over the values given in the table above with a 429 (Too Many Requests) "Rate Limit Exceeded" error.