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Veeam Agent for Windows (Dedicated Servers)

The Veeam Agent for Windows service is offered as an additional service for Dedicated Servers. The service is available for servers running Windows Server.


Backups are made by the Veeam agent running on the server. Data can be uploaded to the Veeam® Cloud Connect repository or stored on a local volume(s).

The cloud repository isolates clients from one another, granting users access only to their backups.

Billing and Payment

Payments for the Veeam Agent for Windows are made from the Main Balance. More information can be found here.

Paid services can be viewed two ways:

Monthly service costs depend on the number of backups and disk space alloted in the cloud repository. No fees apply to traffic.

Veeam Agent for Windows licenses are included as part of the service and automatically granted by the service provider. License periods correspond to paid periods.

Getting Started: Enabling the Service

The service can be ordered from the Servers section of the control panel:

  1. Click the relevant server block.
  2. Open the Services tab.
  3. Under the list of Server Services, click Backups.
  4. Enter the desired number of agents, disk space in the cloud (increments of 50 GB), and paid period.

After paying for the service, a ticket will be automatically created with the information entered in point 4.

When the service has been enabled, a confirmation response will be sent in that ticket containing a link to the self-service Veeam Availability Console, as well as your login and password.

Using the Service

Log into the self-service Veeam Availability Console (VAC) to manage the service:

  • Install and update Veeam agents (backup agents and management agents)
  • Configure backup policies and jobs
  • Monitor agent status, backup jobs, and storage space

For detailed description of recommended parameters or step-by-step Veeam agent configuration instructions (with screenshots), see Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows.

Deploying Dedicated Server Backups

Manually download and install Veeam agents on servers to be backed up or use Discovery Rules.

Server backups are made as follows: firstly, a backup policy is created and attached to multiple agents on servers or a backup policy is configured for a specific server, then a backup job is launched.

To create a backup policy:

  1. Open the VAC and click Configuration in the top right corner.
  2. Choose Backup Polices and click +New. Launch the setup wizard.
  3. Configure the backup job by following the tabs in the wizard. Detailed instructions can be found here.

To attach a policy to multiple backup agents on servers:

  1. Open the VAC and select Managed Computers.
  2. Under the Backup Agents tab, check all of the relevant agents and click Assign in the top-left of the screen (opposite Backup Policy).
  3. In the new window, select the previously created policy and click Assign.

To configure backup policies in the VAC for a specific server:

  1. Open the VAC and select Backup Jobs from the left-hand menu.
  2. Open the Backup Agents tab.
  3. Select the relevant server and click the link in the Backup Policy column.
  4. In the Configure Backup wizard, configure the backup job the same as the backup policy described above.
  5. Save your changes. The status in the Backup Policy column will change to Custom.

To locally configure a backup policy for a specific server:

  1. Set Agent UI Mode to Full Admin Access in the VAC:
    1. From the VAC menu on the left, select Backup Jobs, and check the relevant agent under the Managed Backup Agents tab.
    2. Click Agent UI Mode and in the dropdown menu, select Switch to Full Admin Access.
  2. Launch the Configure Backup tool on your server by clicking Start — Programs — Veeam or from the backup agent window.

When a backup job has been created, it can be managed both from the VAC and locally:

  • Start or Stop backup jobs from the Managed Backup Agents tab under Backup Jobs.
  • Disable or Enable scheduled backup jobs.

Restoring Data

Data is restored locally on a specific server at the application (Veeam Agent for Windows) level. Detailed instructions for using various backup modes can be found in the Veeam Agent for Windows user guide.

Launch the restore wizard on the target server by selecting Start — Veeam:

  • File Level Restore — file- and folder-level restore

A window will open with the catalog structure of the backup for the chosen restore point. Select the files or folders to be copied to a specific location on the server or restored to their original location, while keeping or overwriting the existing data.

  • Volume Restore — volume-level restore

A window will open where you can select volumes and configure the location to be restored to (Customize Disk Mapping — the original server location or a new volume). Please note that system volumes cannot be restored to their original location on a working system; this requires a Veeam boot disk (Recovery Media).

  • Create Recovery Media — creates a Veeam boot disk

A window will open with the Create Recovery Media wizard. For your Recovery Media, choose an ISO file and enter any additional settings. Indicate where the file should be saved and the recovery media will be created.

Contact technical support via ticket system requesting to upload the ISO file to the dedicated server image repository.

Launch the ISO from the KVM console. For more information, read about installing operating systems from ISO images.

The Veeam Recovery Media wizard contains tools for restoring data:

Bare Metal Recovery — restore data using Veeam Agent for Windows
Windows Recovery Environment — restore a system image created with built-in Microsoft Windows tool
Tools — server admin tools (account management, memory diagnostics, etc.)