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Electronic Document Management

What is EDM 

Instead of paper documents, organizations use electronic versions. Electronic document management (EDM) allows the sending and receiving of all kinds of documents. Authenticity is confirmed by electronic signature  electronic versions of documents have the same legal force as paper ones. Electronic documents have no expiration date. 

Their receipt is free of charge. You only pay for sending. Normally, Selectel customers do not need to send us documents. 

Why do we need EDM 

Transfer time of documents is reduced from months to one day. In fact, we are able to transfer documents within a few minutes. 

The electronic copy can be accessed at any time  so you no longer need to worry about the safety of paper copies. 

Documents are guaranteed to reach the recipient in time. There is no risk of your letter being lost or delayed in the mail. 

How do I start to use EDM with Selectel 

Your organization already uses EDM 

That means that this company already has an EDM operator  we are working with the operators listed here, and we will help you set up billing with our Diadoc System for free. Simply contact us via any means that is convenient for you. 

Our organization hasn’t tried EDM before 

To use the full functionality of EDM, the company needs to obtain a key certificate, which will be used to confirm an electronic signature. Certificates are issued by accredited certification centers  the list is on the website of the Russian Ministry of Communications. As of the time of this publication (July 2018), a key cost about RUB 2,000.  

If the organization does not have a key, they can only receive, but not send, electronic documents. Thus, Selectel customers do not need a key certificate in order to receive documents from us. 

If a company wants to use EDM, you just need to contact Selectel, for example, through the ticket system that is available to all registered users in the control panel. We will help you to connect your company to the electronic document management system we use for ourselves, Diadoc.