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Managed Services For Servers

Managed Services includes services for setting up, installing and optimizing the software of your servers, performed by Selectel administrators. Selectel administrators audit your current infrastructure, choose the best solutions to improve performance and transfer your applications to the Selectel infrastructure. Further infrastructure maintenance, including 24/7 server support, is performed by Selectel.  

Administration services are ordered simultaneously when ordering Dedicated Servers. If you already use Selectel servers, you can order administration services by sending a request ticket from the control panel. 

Only one-off operations are available for Server ColocationBoth Chipcore one-off operations and ongoing services are available. 

Technical implementation of services 

We administer and support services with the following operating systems: Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian or Windows Server. 

Infrastructure monitoring and incidents elimination (inaccessibility, degradation, failure) are performed 24/7, while configuration changes are introduced on weekdays from 10:00 to 19:00. Additional work on server setting up and configuring are performed according to the terms of the SLA. 

Upon connection to a permanent administration server, root access to the server will be limited. All requests for changes and installation of additional software are filled by Selectel administrators. You are granted user access that you can transfer to contractors or use on your own. 

Selectel administrators do not have direct access to servers: they use an intermediate authentication server to ensure security of your data. 

It is recommended that you post domains of the projects that you plan to submit for maintenance on Selectel DNS servers to guarantee their availability. 

All administered servers have:

  • A connected monitoring system; 

  • A configured firewall and all ports except for the required ones closed; 

  • Installed and configured antivirus protection; 

  • Latest OS security patches installed in a timely manner; 

  • Additionally, regular checks for external vulnerabilities are conducted. 

Payment and billing 

The cost of the service is determined on the basis of an audit and is coordinated prior to the commencement of work. 

Note: for conducting the audit and determining the scope of work, Selectel administrators require access to the project. 

Administrators assess the scope of work and issue an invoice for the services. After that, the invoice appears in the control panel of the user's personal account. 

Payment for the service is deducted from the Basic balance after clicking the Pay button. Administration work starts after the payment sum is deducted from the balance. 

You can replenish the balance in any way that is convenient to you. 

Note: if necessary, a separate invoice for the services performed can be issued. To do this, in the top pop-up menu, click the Replenish Balance button, select the Bank account payment method, enter the amount and click the Pay button. The invoice for payment can be downloaded by clicking the Download PDF button. 

Payment for service is made in two stages: 

  • Installation fee after approval of work scope; 

  • Monthly service payment (subscription fee) after the test period (7 days allocated for testing the service performance). 

Note: the subscription fee includes monitoring, incident management, settings change requests processing, installation of additional software modules, setting up and monitoring security policies. 

The amount can be changed if the list of supported software changes. For example, we will install and configure an additional php module, configure a backup for one more storage or connect a CDN for free. But installing and transferring data to a different type of DBMS (for example, MongoDB) will entail a reassessment of the services cost. 

For more complete analysis of service issues, it is recommended that an extended audit (billed separately) be requested. After the audit, you will receive a complete analysis of your IT infrastructure and recommendations for changing settings and managing security in accordance with your tasks. 

Stages of service administration work 

The service consists of several stages, which vary depending on the needs of your project. 


Checking the existing infrastructure, performance evaluation, coordination of administration subjects and backup policies. 

Documenting requirements for performance, scalability and fault tolerance within the framework of the TOR. 

Choosing a suitable solution based on the analysis of the data obtained. 

Infrastructure setup 

Transfer of the project to the Selectel infrastructure or to hyper-cloud providers’ infrastructure (Amazon Web Services, Azure Google Cloud Platform, Alibaba Cloud). 

Setting up monitoring, information security tools and other components necessary for launching a project. 

Conducting load testing to compare characteristics of your website or service under load before and after transfer to a new server. 

Performance check and verification 

After all work is done, you will have time (7 calendar days) to check that the services are working correctly. 

Launch of services located in the Selectel infrastructure 

When switching to the “operational” mode, the Selectel administrators switch DNS and monitor the launch of all processes to ensure successful transition. 

Continuous administration 

Infrastructure monitoring. 

Elimination of errors in the operation of the services.  

Access control and compliance with security policies. 

Backup policies configuration. 

Software updates. 

Additional services  

Additionally, urgent one-off tasks can be performed, for example, setting up DDoS protection or connecting a CDN.