Account Settings

All services require you register in our control panel and top up the relevant balance.

Balance Types

Four balances are available:

By delineating these balances, clients can more flexibly and effectively manage their finances. Please note: For detailed information about paying for specific services, please see the corresponding service section in the knowledge base.

Adding Funds

Different payment methods are available for different client types:

Term Description
Online payments Payments by bank card are processed by the international processing company PayU
Wire transfers Wire transfers can be made by transferring money from one bank account to another or without an existing account
Offline payments Payments made at automated payment kiosks

You can save your bank cards to easily top up your balance in the future.

Receipts and Summaries

You can find monthly summaries of Selectel services used by opening the account management menu, selecting Balance and payments, and clicking the Billing documents tab. Two documents are available:

  • work summaries;
  • VAT receipts.

Billing documents are automatically generated every month within the first five days of the following month. To download documents for multiple months, in the Generate billing documents block at the bottom of the page, enter the desired billing period and click Generate.

Balance Notifications

Alerts can be configured for the Selectel Cloud Platform, Cloud Storage, CDN, and Cloud powered by VMware so that notifications are sent via e-mail if your funds fall below a user-defined amound. To receive low-balance alerts:

  1. Open the Notifications tab under Balance and payments.
  2. Set the toggle switch of the relevant balance to On.
  3. Enter the limit and alert frequency.