Restoring Access

Users can restore account access at by entering their login/contract number and contact e-mail address.

If you have lost your login/contract number, this information can be found in:

  • payment history;
  • transaction confirmation for payments;
  • work summaries;
  • previously sent notifications from (each message shows the account number it is intended for; this is true for all account types).

If you lose access to your contact e-mail address, it can be changed by providing the following documents:

  • for legal entities:
    1. Tax ID (INN).
    2. Document confirming signee’s authorization to sign a restoration request (for executive directors, this is a copy of the order/resolution of appointment, for all others, this is power of attorney).
    3. Request addressed to Selectel CEO O. I. Lyubimov.
  • for individuals:
    1. Copy of account holder’s passport photo page and photo of account holder displaying said passport photo page.
    2. Request address to Selectel CEO O. I. Lyubimov. The request must indicate the contract number and new e-mail address.

Depending on the restoration method selected by the client during account registration, documents may be sent electronically to the e-mail address or personally delivered to the company’s office.

Please note: In the event of suspected unauthorized account access, additional documents and information may be requested.