To register in Control panel:

  1. Click Control panel on the home page.

Please note that once you are registered, clicking this icon will bring you to your account. 2. Enter your email address in the new window (all registration and account information will be sent to this address) and create a password. 3. Check your email for a confirmation.

Please note that if you do not receive a confirmation message, you must contact tech support at 4. After verifying your email address, you will be sent a message with your login.

Please note that you can change your password in the account menu.

To order and manage services, you must complete the registration:

  1. Open the link to Activate your account.
  2. Select the country and account type in the new window:
    • account types available for Russia: Personal account (for Individuals), Business account (for Legal entities), Sole trader; State institution.
    • account types available for other countries: Personal account (for Individuals), Business account (for Legal entities).
  3. It will depend on the country of residence and the account type which adding funds methods will be available.
  4. Confirm that you agree with the terms and conditions of our user agreement (contract) and consent to having your personal data processed.
  5. Click Enter client information.
  6. Complete the form (fields are different for different account types).
  7. You will receive a call to the phone number specified during the registration process. You do not need to answer it.
  8. Your account will be activated after correctly entering the last 6 digits of the calling number.

You can now add funds to your balance and start managing services.

If you have any problems during the activation process, create a ticket and our tech support will help you activate your account.