Service Payments

Renewing services:

  1. Services can be renewed as many times as you’d like for 1 to 24 months at a time.
  2. Your balance is charged as soon as the service is renewed.
  3. Discounts are applied based on prepayments (advanced paid periods); if multiple discounts are applicable, the largest will be applied.

Renewal Methods

There are two ways to renew a service:

  • from the Upcoming payments and Services scheduled to end blocks on the dashboard;
  • on Server, Colocation, or Network Services pages.

Monthly Payments

With monthly payments, service fees are automatically debited from your account balance to renew a service for the following month.

Monthly payments are enabled by default.

When monthly payments are disabled for a server or equipment, they are automatically disabled for related additional services.

Services with monthly payments enabled can be found in the Upcoming payments block on the control panel home page.

Services with monthly payments disabled will appear in the Services scheduled to end block 14 days prior to termination.

If monthly payments are enabled for a service, but there are not enough funds on the user’s balance to pay for it, the service will appear in the Unpaid services block.

Please note that unpaid server resources will be made available to other clients and all data deleted 7 days after the paid period ends.

Enabling/Disabling Monthly Payments

Monthly payments can be enabled and disabled from the context menu of the specific service or dashboard widget. If monthly payments are disabled, it will be reflected under the service name.