Regions, Availability Zones, and Pools

Selectel offers services that can help you build an infrastructure that can meet your security needs and provide the required level of fault tolerance.

6 regions, 7 availability zones, and 17 pools make up Selectel’s infrastructure across three countries.


A region refers to a group of data centers (Selectel and partners) located within the geographic area of a major city. Within a region, data centers are interconnected by fiber optic links with data redundancy, ensuring minimal signal delay. Learn more about Selectel data centers on our website.

All regions are completely isolated from one another and have their own independent connection to power lines, autonomous power and cooling sources, dedicated channels of communication.

Selectel provides connectivity between regions using redundant high-performance communication channels.

We recommend hosting your application in the region closest to your users. You can host your resources in different regions so that the infrastructure can withstand any failures in the work of the provider with minimal downtime (such as Internet outages at the border, natural disasters, or emergency situations).

Availability Zone

Availability zone is one or more data centers within the same region. Each data center is self-contained, equipped with redundant power and cooling supplies, and has ultra-low latency links for communications.

All critical components of the system are reserved in the availability zone, including power supply, air conditioning, and network infrastructure. Each availability zone is provided with 247 physical security and monitoring systems. Equipment maintenance procedures are not performed simultaneously in multiple availability zones within one region.

Our recommendation is to reserve critical parts of your infrastructure in multiple availability zones, cause availability zones do not have a single point of failure (only a single point of failure for the entire region). As a result, your system will be protected from power outages, fires, or natural disasters if one of the AZ fails.


Pools are part of the infrastructure in one data center. Availability zones (and therefore data centers) contain multiple pools. Pools are isolated from each other in terms of hardware and software failures.

L2 connections provide network connectivity within pools. Connectivity between the pools can be established through a Layer 3 VPN network.

Pools are divided into segments — groups of equipment located in different racks within the same data center.

Hosting the infrastructure in multiple pools protects against network hardware and software failures (e.g., network equipment failures or power failures), reduces the chance of data loss and service downtime. Failures in availability zones are the single point of failure for pools.

Increase Fault Tolerance

You can increase fault tolerance of your infrastructure at the region, availability zone, pool, or server level:

  • for a dedicated server — move the server to another rack;
  • for a cloud server — assign servers to different hosts in a placement group.

Selectel Infrastructure Map

Region Availability zone Pool Pool
Saint Petersburg Availability zone 1
«Tsvetochnaya» group of data centers
ru-3 ru-3a
Availability zone 2
«Dubrovka» group of data centers
ru-1 ru-1a
ru-9 ru-9a
Moscow Availability zone 1
«Berzarina» group of data centers
ru-2 ru-2a
ru-7 ru-7a
Availability zone 2
«Aviamotornaya» group of data centers
Novosibirsk Availability zone 1
«NEXTREMUM» data center
ru-8 ru-8a
Amsterdam Availability zone 1
«AMS17» data center
nl-1 nl-1a
Tashkent Availability zone 1
«UZINFOCOM» data center
uz-1 uz-1a