Connect to Outside Operator


Selectel Connect to outside operator service is a solution that makes it easy to establish direct connection of client third-party sites (offices, client data centers, third-party data centers) to Selectel products:

We recommend asking your operator in advance whether it is possible to connect to Selectel data centers, or to request a list of operators in the ticket.

Enabling the Service

Connect to outside operator service consists of the following stages:

  1. The client must ask their operator in advance whether it is possible to connect to Selectel.
  2. An access port is allocated on our router (Port to outside operator service).
  3. Cross connection to the dedicated port must be organized from the client’s and/or operator’s side.

For Dedicated servers, Colocation, and Server racks services, a dedicated port is connected to one of the existing VLANs, if it is located in the same location. If the port to outside operator and the client’s servers are located in different locations, you need to set up a Private routed network.

For cloud servers (Cloud platform and Cloud powered by VMware), you need to additionally set up a private network. Learn more in Private routed networks.

To order the service in the Control panel:

  1. Go to the Network Services section.
  2. Open the Connect to outside operator tab.
  3. Specify the location.
  4. Click Order.
  5. Select a port to outside operator — 1 or 10 Gbps.
  6. Click Pay.
  7. Specify the payment period in the new window.
  8. Make sure you enable the service in the right location.
  9. Click Pay for Service.

Disabling the Service

If you no longer need the service, create a ticket to disable it.