Cloud Server Сonfigurations

When creating a cloud server, you can select the required number of cores and RAM, connect the appropriate volume type (fast, universal or basic), upload your own images, or use prepared images within the dedicated resources.

When creating new or updating running cloud servers, you can connect existing volumes with configured operating systems by changing the number of RAM or virtual processors as required.

There are of two types of cloud servers:

  • custom — with an optional amount of resources for the needs of a particular task;
  • fixed — with a predefined amount of resources — cores, RAM, and SSD capacity.

Resource billing is based on the amount of resources consumed in the last hour.

The following types of volume storage can be used in all server configurations:

Servers with Flexible Resource Configurations

Servers with flexible resource configurations allow you to set the required number of resources. The following restrictions apply to resources:

  • number of cores — up to 8;
  • RAM — up to 64 GB;
  • NVME SSD capacity — up to 512 GB.

Servers with Fixed Resource Configurations

Servers with fixed resource configurations are combined into groups optimized by the ratio of CPU, RAM, and volume resources for performing workloads of various profiles.

Standard Line

Cloud server configurations with an optimal and balanced distribution of CPU and RAM resources in a 1:4 ratio (except for entry-level configurations).

Best for workloads with no specific workload profile: for example, for executing web service and application code, hosting online stores, and creating test environments.

Number of cores RAM (GB) SSD (GB)
1 1 8
1 2 16
2 4 32
2 8 64
4 16 128
6 32 256
8 32 384
12 48 512
16 64 768
24 96 1024
36 128 1280

CPU Line

Configurations optimized for workloads requiring high-performance and high-speed CPU computing.

Resources are balanced towards CPU in a 1:2 ratio. Best for video transcoding, machine learning, data processing, or building CI/CD systems.

Number of cores RAM (GB) SSD (GB)
4 8 128
8 16 192
12 24 256
16 32 384
24 48 512

Memory Line

Configurations for running applications that require lots of RAM.

Resources are balanced towards RAM in a 1:8 ratio. Such configurations provide high performance under workloads associated with processing a large amount of data to accommodate demanding databases or enterprise applications such as SAP or 1C.

Number of cores RAM (GB) SSD (GB)
2 16 64
4 32 128
8 64 256
16 128 512

GPU Line

Cloud server configurations with dedicated GPU cards.

Optimized for GPU computing, for example, for video transcoding, neural network training, or creating remote workstations.

Number of cores RAM (GB) SSD (GB) GPU
8 32 384 1
14 64 768 2
28 128 1536 4