Projects and Quotas


A Cloud platform Project is an isolated collection of resources that are available in multiple regions and zones.

The user can create up to 20 projects by default. Please create a ticket if you need to increase the number of projects.

The resource limit that can be used to create objects within a project is set when creating a project and can be changed later.

The first project is created automatically when you create a Selectel account and is called My First Project. Functions for deleting or renaming a project and creating resources in it become available after topping up service balance.

Creating a Project

To create a project in the Control panel:

  1. Open the Cloud platform section.
  2. If you don’t have any projects created, click Create project. If you have one project created, click on its name. If you have two or more projects created, click on the name and then select Project management from the list. Click Create project.
  3. Enter the project name and click Create project.

A newly created project will appear in the list of projects.

Inside the project, you can create virtual machines (cloud servers), volumes, networks, images, load balancers, Kubernetes clusters, databases, cloud functions, manage licenses, users, and quotas, view project consumption.

Account Limits and Resource Quotas

Account Limit

The Cloud platform account has a limit on possible resources, which is distributed between your projects in the form of quotas. Account limits apply to the Region and the Availability zone and are calculated automatically depending on the availability of resources in the Cloud.

The account limit for resources can be changed by sending a request to technical support.

Please change the quotas after increasing the limits.

Project Quotas

A quota is a limit of resources that can be used for working within a project. The quota is a mechanism that allows you to control the budget of individual projects, teams or clients.

When creating a project, quotas for resources are automatically distributed depending on the free volume of quotas (quotas that are not allocated to other projects).

To change project quotas:

  1. Go to the Quotas section in the desired project.
  2. Select the region.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Specify new quota values and click Save.

User Access Control

The project owner can create users and set access permission for them. Project users can interact with Openstack API and work with an external panel.

To create a user and configure access to a specific project:

  1. Go to the All users section in the desired project.
  2. Click New user.
  3. Enter login (you can leave automatically generated name) in the new window and click Save. The password will also be generated automatically. You can change it or generate a new one.
  4. Choose a project and click Add to project in the menu with information about the new user.

A direct link is created for each project. This link will help you to access project resources without registering in the Control panel. You can customize the external panel and, for example, set the company logo. Learn more in the article.