Managing Snapshots

Snapshots capture the state of a volume and store the difference between the changing data on the virtual machine volume and the state of a volume at a particular point in time (when the snapshot is created). This allows you to copy volumes to clone a virtual machine, change the volume type, or create a backup.

Snapshots are not the most viable solution for backing up applications, because the data is saved on the same equipment as the volume.

Cloning Servers

Follow these steps to clone a server:

  1. Create a new snapshot of a server or choose an existing copy.
  2. When creating a server, open the Snapshots tab in the Source section.
  3. Choose the desired snapshot and create your server.

Deleting Snapshots

Snapshots can be deleted in the Snapshots tab of the expanded volume block in the Snapshots archive section. Click the bin icon to delete the volume snapshot.

When deleting a virtual server, select the Delete volumes of this server option. Server volumes and their snapshots associated with the machine will be deleted.

When deleting a volume, all snapshots associated with the volume can be deleted by clicking the Delete snapshots of this volume option.

Note: Volumes cannot be deleted without also deleting their snapshots.