MySQL Settings

When creating a Managed Databases cluster, some default MySQL settings are changed. This is required to ensure high performance of the databases with the selected configuration of the cluster computing resources. Learn more about DBMS settings.

If the settings do not match the requirements of your database or the tasks to be solved, you can change them when creating a cluster or in an already created cluster.

Some settings have limitations that depend on the configuration of the servers in a cluster and the DBMS version.

Please note that DBMS settings can affect cluster performance. Set them only if you know exactly why you need to do it and what it will lead to.

Settings List

The list of DBMS settings that can be changed is available in the Control panel when creating a cluster or in the created cluster.

Detailed description of the settings is provided in the official MySQL documentation.

Changing the Settings in the Created Cluster

To change the settings of the created cluster in the Control panel:

  1. Go to the Managed Databases section.
  2. Select the cluster and open its page.
  3. Open the Settings tab.
  4. The previously changed settings will be displayed in the DBMS Settings block. Click Edit and specify the required values for the DBMS settings.
  5. Click Save.

Settings when Scaling the Cluster

When scaling a cluster, the minimum and maximum acceptable values of the DBMS parameters may change and become incorrect.

For such settings, the parameters will be automatically replaced with suitable values. When these parameters are saved, they will be shown in the new window that opens.

After the cluster is scaled up and its status changes to ACTIVE, you can set new values of the settings according to the instructions above.