Dedicated servers is a service that provides computing server resources of a specified configuration, enabling users to manage these resources and install software. Selectel provides an uninterrupted power supply to the equipment, microclimate, service management capabilities, and connection to a dedicated LAN and the Internet.

The service includes:

  • use of computing resources of a specified configuration;
  • Internet connection with a bandwidth- or traffic-based billing model;
  • public IPv4 address;
  • IPv6 address upon request;
  • server connection to a private network (for all servers except Chipcore Line);
  • remote server management via KVM console (for all servers except Chipcore Line);
  • automated OS installation and server loading into rescue mode;
  • replacement of failed components and entire servers;
  • 247 technical support.

Regions and Locations

Servers are located in Selectel data centers in the regions of Moscow, St. Petersburg and Amsterdam.

Selectel infrastructure within a region is divided into locations marked with the SPB, MSK or AMS prefixes. Locations comprise one or more technical sites logically united by a single policy for passing local and Internet traffic using common network equipment.

Dedicated servers at a location have their own isolated private network (L2 VLAN), which is provided for free and can be configured after ordering the server. Access switch redundancy is used to increase the fault tolerance of the network, and VRRP is used for the router.

Level 3 network connectivity is established between locations and available as an additional Private routed networks (L3VPN).

Private network and Internet access at each location are independent of hardware or software failures at other locations. Hosting services at multiple locations provide additional fault tolerance.

We specify the location on the server card when the order is made.

Dedicated Server Types

There are two types of dedicated servers:

  • prebuilt servers,
  • custom servers.

Note: configuration is a description of a server’s technical specifications (CPU type, RAM capacity, quantity, ROM capacity and type, quantity and type of network interfaces).

Server types differ in a set of features:

Prebuilt servers Chipcore Line Prebuilt servers of other lines Custom servers
Automated OS installation from Selectel control panel V V V
Loading the servers into rescue mode V V V
Ability to purchase additional IPv4 addresses V V V
Ability to purchase additional IPv6 addresses X V V
Working with KVM Console X V V
Merging servers into a private network X V V
Ability to change configuration X X V
Payment Daily / Monthly Daily / Monthly Monthly

Prebuilt Servers

Prebuilt servers are assembled and mounted at the data center in advance, meaning they are available within 2 minutes of ordering (excluding OS installation time). It is impossible to change the configuration of a prebuilt server.

Please note that it is not possible to change the configuration of a prebuilt server.

When submitting, a server receives one IPv4 address from the shared subnet.

As a matter of convenience, prebuilt servers are divided into the following lines:

  • Chipcore Line — low-cost entry-level servers without a local network or KVM console for projects with lower accessibility requirements;
  • Entry Line — initial configuration servers for small projects, startups, and small businesses;
  • Business Line — productive servers for medium-sized businesses and B2B side projects;
  • AMD Line — powerful servers using AMD processors for hosting high-load services and applications;
  • Performance Line — high-performance servers for building virtualization clusters, complex systems and infrastructure projects;
  • GPU Line — servers with graphics accelerators for GPU computing and solving graphics problems;
  • Storage Line — servers for storing large amounts of data;
  • Discount Line — discount servers with reasonable price from outdated lines.

Custom Servers

Custom servers are assembled upon the client’s request on our own build. You can choose almost any kind of server configuration to meet your needs. You can also change the server configuration after ordering.

Each server must pass stability tests, after which they are transferred to the client.

Servers are ready within 5 business days.

When submitting, a server receives one IPv4 address from the shared subnet.

For custom servers, we provide the ability to reserve network links (MC-LAG) and server power supplies, which provides additional fault tolerance.

The Selectel control panel contains a Configurator for assembling servers with 100% compatible components.

Additional Services

The following additional services are available for dedicated servers: