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Networks and Services

Additional network services can be ordered from the control panel under Network services.

To view a list of available services, click Order services. Services can be ordered by clicking Pay to the right of the service name.

In the new window, enter the amount of time you wish to order the service for and click Pay for service. Automatic monthly payments are enabled by default (see here for more information).

Ordering Network Services

There are several different categories of network services available:

  • Connectivity
  • IP addresses and routing
  • Local networks
  • Anti DDoS (basic mitigation and Qrator)
  • Other (fiber-optic and copper cross connects)

Network Equipment

Network equipment can be managed by opening the Network equipment tab.

To view a list of available services and place and order, click Order equipment.

Select the desired location of your equipment, then order your equipment by clicking Pay to the right of the service name.

There are several different types of equipment available:

  • Internet ports
  • Local ports
  • Firewalls (available in SPB-3 and MSK-1)
  • VLAN


To view a list of availble networks, select Subnets from the submenu. All of your available IPv4 and IPv6 addresses will be listed.


Graphs displaying information on incoming and outgoing traffic can be found under Usage.

Separate graphs reflect workloads for routers in Moscow and St. Petersburg, which are also separated by location.